Sapphire derives from the Corundum family of gemstones. The colour hues are mostly a result of the prescence of iron and titanium. Sapphires can vary in colour and can be found in almost every colour but the red shades of Corundum are known famously as Rubies. Saphires are the second hardest mineral and is only second to Diamonds, measuring 9 on the scale.

Sapphires are found in Australia, Africa, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and in North America. Some Sapphires display a star effect called an asterism when cut into cabochon, this effect can also be found in rubies and is caused by needle-like crystals in the stones.  Sapphire has always been held with high regard and is commonly used by royalty, but synthetic saphires are made for more commercial aplications, often for military purposes due to its strength.


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