Rubies are the red variant of the Corundum family, the sibling to Sapphires. Chromium causes the red colours in Rubies and like Sapphires, Rubies measure 9 on the hardness scale. The word Ruby derives from the latin word for 'red'.

Rubies can be found most famously in Burma but has also been found in Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Macedonia, USA and several pockets of deposits have been found in Tanzania, Madagascar, Vietnam, Nepal and Tajikistan.

Just as with Sapphires when Rubies are cut into cabachon small rutile needles in the stones composition can cause a lovely asterism star effect and/or chatoyancy. Rubies can be found in shades of brown, pink, red and slightly purple hues. There is a fine distinction of modern gemology between a Ruby and a Sapphire which has a more vast spectrum of colours including pink.





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