Tanzanites are a relatively new discovery, having been discovered first in 1967 in Tanzania, the origin after whom it got its name. It derives from the mineral Zoisite and can display a dichroism or a trichroism. (2 or 3 hues of colour. Tanzanites only measure just over 6 on the hardness scale.

The primary colours of Tanzanite are blue and purple (including violet), due to its refractive nature it can display two or three different shades of the spectrum making its unique appeal. Because Tanzanites can only be found at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, it is the most rare precious stone in the world.

'Tanzanite was formed approximately 585 million years ago, yet this remarkable treasure remained hidden beneath the earth’s surface until just 40 years ago, when according to local sources, a Maasai tribesman herding his cattle stumbled upon some crystals on the ground. Whilst the exact story of Tanzanite’s discovery remains something of a mystery, Maasai communities have built their own legends about the miraculous find. They tell stories of how the land was set ablaze by a bolt of lightning and believe that it was the heat from this 'magic fire in the sky' that transformed crystals on the ground into shimmering blue-violet gems.'


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