Fancy Stones

Sinclair Jewellers can obtain bespoke stones to suit your taste and design ideas. From certified precious stones in unique cuts and colours, each individual stone can be cut to order, Sinclair Jewellers can also find the more rare stones that are difficult to obtain.

With international resources and world class lapidry facilities available in London we can deliver a top quality product with a high standard of service. We have an goldsmith workshop on our premises with skilled craftsmen so we can meet your needs from simply mounting your treasured stones or designing you a whole bespoke project from scratch.

An example of some of the fancy stones we can get for you are Alexanderite, Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Tsavorite (rare green garnets) Rubelite (red tourmaline), Paraiba (a turquiose tourmaline), Fire-Opals, Paradesha Sapphires and any many other stones.

We also specialise in rare and fancy diamond colours such as champagne, blue, green, pink and canary yellow including specialised cuts.

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