Ear Piercing

Sinclair Jewellers uses SYSTEM 2000 ear-piercing as reccommended by the British Health Authority Council.

We can NOT pierce anyone under the age of 10. Anyone under the age of 16 needs their parents explicit consent. We also offer cartilage piercing for anyone aged 16 or over.

The piercing comes complete with the Caress System 2000 Cleansing lotion for £25 along with the option of a golden, silver or stone set ear-rings

System 2000 Ear Fashioners are sterilised and anti-allergenic for your protection and ensure continued trouble free enjoyment of your newly pierced ears.

We suggest the following hygiene procedure:


Only after 36 hours you can continue with the following procedure:

  1. Start by thoroughly cleaning your hands and nails with Caress System 2000 Cleansing Lotion
  2. Apply Caress System 2000 Cleansing Lotion to each pierced ear lobe, one drop at the front and one drop at the back
  3. Next rotate your ear fashioners like winding a watch

The above should be carried out daily for the first 5 weeks, during this 5 week period we also suggest that you:

  1. Do NOT remove your ear fashioners
  2. Cover your earlobes when applying hairspray
  3. Use Caress System 2000 Cleansing Lotion as reccommended as it will help to heal and will also reduce the possibility of infection.

After 5 weeks you can remove your ear Fashioners and wear any of the fabulously stylish earrings that are exclusively designed for pierced ears.


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